Features to Shop for When Choosing a New Automotive Trailer

An automotive trailer can be needed for a wide variety of reasons, including hauling supplies for your business, moving livestock, or even transporting another car, such as for auto shows. There is a wide variety of automotive trailers from which to choose, so you might carefully note some features to shop for and that will ensure you choose the best trailer for your towing needs.


A car trailer that tilts can be a good choice if having ramps on the end of the trailer would make it too long or cumbersome to use. An equipment tilting trailer refers to a trailer that is divided into two sections, and the back section tilts separately than the front. This is a good choice if you need a tilt trailer to load or unload just certain items you're hauling, without spilling or moving other items.


Be sure to check any trailer you might purchase for fenders, as some flatbed trailers are built directly over the tyres, with no fenders in place. A flatbed over the tyres is wider and offers more room for storage, but fenders can be needed to protect your items when the trailer bounces. If you tend to drive the trailer on rough and uneven roads, it can be good to invest in one with fenders, to reduce the risk of damaging your items.

Body material

You don't want an aluminium trailer that is too lightweight to safely mange the items you'll be hauling, or that might get dented and dinged from heavy tools and other equipment. However, don't assume that a thick steel trailer is always better, as a trailer that's too heavy will mean more wear and tear on the tow vehicle, and poorer fuel economy. Balance your need for strength with the added weight of steel when choosing your new trailer.

Lowboy trailers

As the name implies, lowboy trailers have a floor that sits very low to the ground. These trailers are usually meant for heavy-duty equipment, as keeping items lower will reduce the risk of tipping, and especially when you turn the vehicle.

While lowboy trailers may be meant for bobcats and other such heavy equipment, you might consider investing in one if the equipment you'll be hauling is especially large, or is elevated so that it's centre of gravity is raised. For example, if you'll be towing a car or truck with raised shocks, you might invest in a lowboy trailer, to keep the vehicle as low and secure as possible.

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