Essential Considerations When Hiring a Trailer for Hauling a Classic Car

Do you have a vintage car? Have you ever participated in a vintage car show? If your answer to the first question is a yes, but a no to the second, you are missing out on an incredibly fulfilling experience. That said, the classic cars in vintage shows often arrive in pristine condition, which is something you should think about when preparing to attend an event. A car trailer is your best bet at ensuring that your vintage car arrives at a show in excellent condition. First, however, you must choose the right car trailer for your vehicle. This post highlights essential considerations when hiring a trailer for hauling a classic car.

Type of Car Trailer 

First, ask yourself what you want a rental car trailer to achieve before committing. Indeed, car trailers come in two categories: enclosed and open. While you can use both to transport your vintage vehicle to a classic car show, an enclosed car trailer is a more suitable choice. The reason is that the enclosed structure protects your vintage car from the elements, ensuring that it gets to a show in pristine condition. It is particularly the case if you spent hours cleaning, waxing and buffing the body panel. If you go with an open car trailer, you have to deal with dust, sunlight, bugs and other elements, which can ruin the shine on your vintage car.

Number of Vehicles 

Organisers of classic car events in Australia allow participants to register more than one car. However, you must understand that hauling more than one classic car is not a walk in the park, mainly if an event is across stateliness. For instance, you must be aware of highway laws regarding trailer length and height. However, instead of choosing elongated car trailers, stacker models are the best choice because they allow you to haul several cars. Since your vintage cars are stacked, you do not have to worry about breaking trailer length laws.

Hitch Type 

Car trailers come in different hitch types; however, you must choose one that accommodates your vintage cars' weight. While a bumper-mounted car trailer hitch is cheap, it is not the best for long-distance towing. On the other hand, car trailers with a gooseneck hitch are popular among car owners that regularly haul their vehicles over long distances. Notably, you should choose a gooseneck hitch for the ultimate towing experience. However, if you are looking for a standard cars trailer, select one with a weight-distribution hitch. They are handy if you plan to haul multiple classic cars to an event.