3 Reasons to Choose an Aluminium Flat Top Trailer

Are you in the market for a trailer for your haulage needs? With so many different types available, determining which trailer is best for the task at hand can be difficult.

Flat-top trailers, sometimes referred to as flatbed trailers, are one of the most popular choices for cargo haulage applications. As the name implies, these trailers are flat with no walls or roof. While all flat-top trailers have the same fundamental design, they are not all created equal.

Flat-top trailers with aluminium construction are one of the best options for transporting heavy cargo. Read along to discover the various advantages they offer.

1. Aluminium is strong

Flat-top trailers are used for transporting heavy cargo, such as hay bales, cars, motorbikes, agricultural equipment and more. As a result, they must be strong enough to sustain the heavy loads they carry.

When built right, aluminium flatbed trailers can withstand the abuse of heavy-duty hauling as well as or even better than steel. In applications where more strength is required, an aluminium alloy (pure aluminium combined with a few other materials), rather than pure aluminium, may be used for trailer construction.

2. Aluminium is lightweight

While aluminium flat-top trailers can be as strong as their steel cousins, they weigh less. 

Aluminium's weight is only about one-third that of steel, meaning it will not increase the weight of the trailer as steel would. As a trailer user, you want your trailer to be as light as possible to maximise the load you can carry.

3. Aluminium is corrosion-resistant

Although steel is an excellent choice for trailer construction, it must be enhanced through various coating processes, such as galvanisation or painting, to prevent corrosion. This enhancement of steel can substantially increase the cost of trailer construction.

In this regard, opting for an aluminium flatbed trailer would be prudent. Aside from being strong and lightweight, aluminium offers high resistance to corrosion. 

When exposed to air and moisture, it forms a thin oxide layer that prevents progression from oxidation to corrosion. This helps eliminate the need to use protective coatings on aluminium trailers.

Aluminium flat-top trailers are not one-size-fits-all hauling equipment. They come in all shapes and sizes to cater to the needs of different users. Do not hesitate to contact a trailer dealer near you if you want to get a quote or learn more about your trailer options.

For more information about flat-top trailers, reach out to a local dealer.