How an Airbag Suspension Upgrade May Help You with Extra Weight

If you regularly use your ute to haul heavy loads or tow a trailer laden with a boat or car, you may have noticed that the vehicle's characteristics change. It may tend to "sit down" at the back, which can alter the centre of gravity, raising up the front suspension and causing the steering to feel light. Did you know that you can make certain modifications to the vehicle to balance everything out and ensure that you get a smoother ride? What approach should you take in this situation?

On the Road

The first thing to remember is that you must always adhere to the maximum gross vehicle weight rating. This information is provided by the manufacturer and is typically found in your owner's manual. If towing, you will also have a combined figure to consider, but unless your vehicle is equipped with a professional upgrade kit (and certified), never exceed the ratings.

Coping with Weight

Having said that, you can add an airbag system to your ute that will allow you to cope more readily with those heavy weights or towing chores. These systems consist of a set of rubber bellows that are designed to be inflated or deflated to deal with different conditions. Some of these systems can be manually operated, but many will have a control system mounted in the cab. A compressor will be linked to a source of compressed gas and, through a series of pipes and valves, can adjust the amount of air as needed.

Making Adjustments

The air suspension manufacturer will give you some guidance so that you know how to adjust the system based on the amount of weight you are carrying or towing. You might need to make small adjustments, especially if you tow or drive across rough terrain. However, the objective is to keep your vehicle as level as possible so that it is easier to handle and the steering does not feel as light as it did.

Bear in Mind

Remember, an airbag suspension system does not automatically increase the capability of your truck in terms of payload or towing capacity. To achieve this, you may also have to invest in a GVWR upgrade kit. However, for further information on airbags, talk with your component supplier for their help. They'll introduce you to the various options available for your ute's make and model and tell you what's involved in the installation.

Contact an airbag installation service to learn more.