3 Reasons to Invest in New Custom Upholstery

If you own a car which has plenty of miles on the clock, you may be looking for ways you can improve the way it looks. Although it is a relatively big job, it can really improve the level of comfort you feel when out on the road and could even increase the value of your vehicle. Below is a guide to three reasons you may wish to invest in custom upholstery for your car.

Update the interior

No matter how much you accessorise the exterior of your car with a new wing mirrors or a new paint job, if the interior looks and smells bad, no one will be impressed. The upholstery inside a car can quickly become soiled with dirt, dust and strong odours such as cigarette smoke and particles from the engine or exhaust. Replacing your existing seat covers with custom upholstery will help to banish these bad smells and will restore that "new car" smell that so many people know and love.

Recreate a classic look

If you own a vintage car which has been modified by its previous owners, you may wish to restore it back to its original state. Many of the patterns and designs which appeared on the upholstery of vehicles in the 1970s and 80s are no longer available from high street auto repair shops. If you wish to recreate a vintage look, you will need to contact a specialist auto accessories company who will be able to produce a bespoke recreate of the original design which you can install in your vehicle. 

Repair damaged upholstery

You may not wish to change the look of the interior of your car drastically, but if the upholstery in your vehicle has been damaged by dirty shoes, pets or cigarette burns, you may wish to start again with fresh looking seats. A qualified upholstery professional will be able to re-pad and recover damaged seats using custom upholstery, so they are as good as new. If you cannot afford to have your seats reupholstered, you may wish to invest in some seat covers. Seat covers are available is a wide range of styles and are an affordable way of making damaged seats look good. 

If you would like further help and advice, you should contact a professional auto shop. Talk to shops like Just Upholstery to take a look at the interior of your car and recommend the best course of action.