Two Tips for New Caravan Owners

If you have just purchased a caravan that you plan to use for camping trips, you may find the advice below to be quite useful.

Buy new, rather than second-hand towing equipment

If your caravan is non-motorised, you will need to attach it to your car and tow it to and from your holiday destinations. As such, you will need to buy some towing equipment.

When shopping for this item, it is best to opt for new, rather than second-hand towing accessories. The reason for this is as follows. Towing equipment that has been repeatedly used to tow heavy vehicles and has been exposed to the elements regularly will not be as robust as its brand-new counterpart.

It may, for example, have small patches of rust or cracks, which could worsen over time and eventually compromise the equipment's structural integrity.

If this happens, the towing equipment could break whilst you are using it to tow your caravan and are on a busy road. If for instance, the tow bar breaks, the caravan could detach and crash into the vehicle behind you.

As such, whilst it might hurt your wallet a little bit, you should invest in high-quality, new towing equipment.

Invest in a roof rail for your car or your caravan

It is also a good idea to invest in a roof rail for either your car or your caravan. The reason for this is as follows; when you go on camping trips, you may want to bring along bulkier equipment, like yours and your family members' bicycles or fishing gear.

If your caravan is small, there may not be enough space inside it to stow these items during your road journeys. Furthermore, stowing them in the caravan whilst you are towing it could lead to this equipment being flung around and sustaining damage.

As such, it is best to buy a roof rail for either your car or your caravan. This accessory will allow you to take bulky equipment with you on your trips (by attaching it to the roof of your caravan or your vehicle), without using up the small amount of storage space in your caravan and car and without putting this equipment at risk of damage.

If you decide to install this accessory on the roof of your caravan rather than your car, you should also take along a foldable stepladder on your trips, as due to the height of the caravan, you may find it difficult to place and remove your belongings from the rail on its roof.