Need Custom Made Seat Covers For Your Car? Here's How To Go About It

 A new set of custom made seat covers allows you to give your car a fresh new look. This is ideal as part of a pre-sale preparation, when you want to restore the wear on your car seats, or if you simply want to customize your car to your personal tastes. If you have made the decision to get custom car seat covers, read on to see how to go about the process

Choose your car model or provide custom seat measurements

First, you will need to provide your car make and model. This will allow your supplier to get the manufacturer's details for your car. This ensures your car seat covers are made to fit your existing seats in a precise manner. If you already have custom seats, you will need to indicate that to your seat covers supplier. You will also have to provide their measurement details.

Select your car seat material

One of the most important aspects of your new seat covers is the material. Each material requires different care when it comes to maintenance. Different materials also look and feel different. Some of the most common materials for car seat covers include: leather, faux leather, suede, alcantara, sheepskin, neoprene, mesh, cordura, and many others. You can choose a single material, or a mix of several.

Design your seat covers

Next, design your seat covers. Here you can select the type of stitch work you want carried out on your covers, be it vertical, horizontal, or a mix of both. Then you will select the colours you want to appear in your seats. You can decide to go with one plain color for a serious formal look, a two-tone design if you want to look sporty, or more casual designs like camo, Hawaii themes, logos, names, patterns and other visual illustrations.

Select extras/ accessories to go with your new seat covers

Lastly, you can choose a few extras that will go well with your new seat covers. For example, you can order a vehicle cover that matches with your seats. This will protect your car from dust, water, and scratches when parked. You can also order back protection covers for your car seats. These will keep your new car seats from being dirtied by back passengers, especially kids. You can also get floor mats, pet mats, and even trunk covers.

When you order a custom made seat cover, your supplier will take a few days to gather the materials, put together the design, and manufacture your products. However, some covers are available made-to-order; these are available within a few shipping days.

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